Due to the national and state emergencies and the continual increase of coronavirus cases, the elders of Pleasant Grove have suspended all services at the church building until further notice. This is a difficult decision for us to make, however having prayerfully considered the health of all our members and our duty to be faithful members of the Lord’s church as well as responsible and compliant citizens to our state and nation, we felt compelled to make these temporary changes:

We will have a Sunday morning worship service, conducted by the elders, at 11:00 AM and

an afternoon sermon at 5pm both online only streamed live on our Facebook page.

If you have family or friends who do not have internet or Facebook, we suggest you gather with others in small groups and join us on our Facebook page Sunday at 11:00 am. We will have songs projected on our power point screen, prayers by our elders, a sermon and communion.  At 5pm, our minister, Hugh Glaze, will present a sermon.

Some of you may already have unleavened bread and grape juice in your home to use for The Lord’s Supper. If not, you may come by the church building Saturday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to pick up some self-contained communion kits, or regular communion bread. Also, you can drop off your contribution at that time, or mail it to:

Pleasant Grove Church of Christ, P. O. Box 429 Trion, GA 30753

Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm we will have an online Bible lesson live streamed on our Facebook page.

These are difficult times, and they require temporary changes that are not desirable. However, we believe these temporary measures reflect a commitment to your physical well-being and to hopefully avoid any regrets in the unpredictable future. Please know that we appreciate your prayers and support heretofore, and ask that you continue to pray for us, our great family at Pleasant Grove, our nation and the world as you always do.



Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about the Pleasant Grove Church of Christ. Located in Trion, GA roughly 45 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN, we are a loving congregation of The Lord's Church working together to do God's will so that we can go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible. We welcome you to come and visit us at any of our listed service times, you would be our honored guest.

Our Mission


The Pleasant Grove Church of Christ is simply a group of Christians seeking to do God's will in all things. We are a non-denominational congregation that patterns our worship and our lives after the teachings in the New Testament, which is Christ's covenant for His followers. Our worship is patterned after the New Testament 1st-Century Church which includes teaching, acappella singing, the Lord's Supper (every Sunday), giving, and praying.

Bible Study: 10:00 am
Worship: 11:00 am
Evening Worship: 5:00pm
(1st Sunday Evening Worship 1:30pm)
Bible Study: 7:00pm

Pleasant Grove has a long history of dedicated worship in the North Georgia area. Please visit our history page to learn more.

Annual Singing​

As summer comes to an end each year we look forward to our annual singing with some of the best singing this side of Heaven. Visit our link above to hear our most recent singing from 2018.

Gospel Meeting

Check out our gospel meeting page to stream or download sermons from past meetings.

 Latest News

Need to access our prayer list, dates and times of upcoming events, and current articles? Please visit our bulletin page to stay up to date with the most current news and information.

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