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                                              About Us    


     We encourage you to read below about our congregation to learn more about how we worship. Please click on the above sub-pages to learn about our leadership and the ministries we are involved in.

     The Pleasant Grove church of Christ is a family of Christians striving to be the church both in faith and practice. We are all drawn together by our desire to worship God as revealed to us in the Bible, and our love for each other.

     Each Sunday morning we meet first at 10:00am for scripture reading and Bible classes for all age groups. This is a time for everyone from the youngest to the oldest member to engage in conversation about the Bible at their level. We feel this is an important component to the spiritual growth and biblical knowledge of our children, to build upon what they are taught at home.

     After a few announcements, we begin our worship at 11:00am. Each worship service contains five components or characteristics that are drawn directly from the Bible's depiction of New Testament worship in the early church:

     1. Singing: We sing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs both to praise God as well as to teach and admonish each other. Most visitors will note that we do not use any instrumental aids during worship. Our reason for this is both simple and biblical, instruments were not used or commanded in the early church. We strive to worship both in spirit and in truth, without adding or taking away from worship patterns written in the New Testament.

     2. Prayer:  We engage in prayer: An opening and closing prayer are led by a member of our congregation. We pray for many things including our congregation and its leadership, the Lord's church worldwide, our country and its leadership, and anyone we know of who needs prayer on their behalf. We also thank God for all the countless blessings we are given each day.

     3. Reading of God's Word:  We hear a sermon from God's word. Our minister, Hugh Glaze, prepares a sermon each week on a variety of different topics with an emphasis on biblical passages and principles.

     4. The Lord's Supper:  We take The Lord's Supper (communion). This is another trait that separates us from many congregations. We take The Lord's Supper each and every Sunday just as the early church did. This is a time for each member of our congregation to reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us to purchase the church. Eating a small piece of unleavened bread symbolizes Christ's body which was hung on the cross, and drinking a small cup of  grape juice symbolizes Christ's blood which was shed for the remission of our sins.


     5. Giving:  We take up an offering from the members of our congregation. This is a time for us as members of the local church to give back a small part of the many blessings we have been given. Just as the early church did, this is the sole way that our congregation collects money to support a variety of ministries, mission work in many countries, and the work of the church locally.


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